The Daily Motivator – Making Fears Insignificant

I’ve been reading The Daily Motivator for nearly 15 years now.  I love his inspiration and motivation, especially on the down days.  Here’s a link to his website for your own daily motivator.  Below the link I have quoted on of my favorites from Ralph Marston.

Here’s the link:

Great Day

And here’s the quote,

Freedom of Attitude
“When you wake up in the morning, you are completely free to choose whatever attitude you wish to have. And the attitude you choose can have an enormous impact on the way your day unfolds.

Each time you encounter another person, you are completely free to choose your attitude toward that person. And the attitude you choose will most certainly determine how well the encounter goes.

For every event or situation that comes along, you are completely free to choose the attitude with which you respond. And the attitude you choose will determine how much positive value you gain from whatever is going on.

With many aspects of your life, there are restrictions and limitations imposed upon you from outside forces. Yet with your own attitude, you have total, unlimited control.

And your attitude can make a big difference, with people, with events, with what you get out of the moments that make up each day. Your attitude exerts a powerful influence, and it is yours to direct as you wish.

Choose not to allow your attitude to merely follow you along. For you are free to choose an attitude that will lead you to ever higher levels of achievement and fulfillment.”

— Ralph Marston

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