Masked Marauders – Can’t Get No Nookie

The Masked Marauders is a record album released on the Warner Bros. Reprise/Deity label in the fall of 1969. The recording captured a purported “super session” of the era’s leading rock and roll musicians, including Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney.

None of the artists were mentioned on the album’s cover, supposedly because of contractual agreements with their recording companies, but an advance review in Rolling Stone magazine on October 18, 1969, disclosed the stellar lineup.

By the time the album reached record shops, it was virtually a legend. In actuality, The Masked Marauders was part of a hoax concocted by Rolling Stone editor Greil Marcus. Still the record sold 100,000 copies. The Masked Marauders were never heard from again.

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