I am grateful to anyone,

who has treated me harshly and coarsely
they have taught me to be gentle and sensitive

who has underestimated me to be of insignificance
they have taught me to stand up for myself

who saw nothing of value within me
they have forced me to search the treasures within me

who treated me illicitly
they have taught me to be sincere

who never displayed any affection for me
they have showed me the importance of love

who was jealous of me, fighted and hurted me
they have taught me to be self-critical and cautious

who has never given me any attention
they have taught me to approach anyone without prejudice

who has regretfully damaged my dignity
they have taught me to grant forgiveness

who has never wanted to notice my helplessness
they have taught me to seek help and support

who has abandoned and deserted me
They have showed me the meaning of true friendship

who has restrained and repressed me
They have taught me to defend myself

who has caused me pain and sorrow
They have let me recognize the polarity of suffering

who has taken part in this
gave my life a sense and meaning

I am grateful to any of you,
the reasons how and why i learned this much
what seems to be important to me today
and to be able to give it all away


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